Thank you again for taking the time to visit my website and getting to know me a little more.  My name is Lindsay.  I am a wife, mother and photographer.  I love the outdoors, finding beautiful new locations to shoot and meeting so many wonderful people.  If you asked me I have a (healthy) obsession with photography and photoshop. I took a film photography class in high school and was hit hard, with the photography bug. I took more photography classes in collage, but it took me a long time to let go of that classic film and make the switch to digital. In 2010 I made the jump and 2011 I started my business. 
     I love photographing people, in their day to day life and the special moments. From big events, to the sweet little milestones! I am always so grateful and humbled to be invited into your life, so I can capture these images for you. One of my favorite things about photography is that it is never the same. Every day is something new and exciting. After a day on my feet, with my camera in hand, I come home looking forward to editing the photos we just took. Its the artist in me that loves getting into Adobe and taking a photo to a whole new level. 
     I like to customize every session with You in mind. My goal; is to create art that reflects your style, your image goals, down to your home décor. Weather you would like light bright and air photos, true to color, or dark and moody I've got you covered. I want these photos to reflect everything that is you, and I want them to be timeless pieces of art in your home. 
     When you're looking back, you will not only see the moment in time, but I hope you will feel the love and emotions all over again. These days you never know what is around the corner and a photograph can become one of your most important possessions. I do take that to heart.   
     I guess my true obsession is creating art, that will last a life time for you.
~ family's, toddlers, maternity, births, fresh 48, smash cakes, elopements, weddings and now offering Bride and Groom session (posed photos of the Bride and Groom). I also offer boudoir sessions. 
Thank you!
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